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When your life is more than tweets and facebook... there's i-Emote
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The Web impacts our lives in numerous ways. It provides news, information and allows us to have fun too by interacting with others.

i-Emote is a new social web site where members interact with each other based on Web resources like news and videos and share their comments on these resources with all its members.

In some ways, i-Emote is like a mini-blogger but with a lot more functionality. Imagine that you are a fan of YouTube and there is a video that you are really crazy about. With i-Emote you can capture that video and comment on it and even share your video and comment with the rest of the i-Emote community. Other i-Emote members can view the video and your comment and reply to it.

Or say you read an interesting news article on the Web and that news article is syndicated using RSS. You can capture that news article and comment on it and share that news article and comment with the rest of the i-Emote community. Other i-Emote members can view the news article and your comment and reply to it.

i-Emote makes it easy to find the videos and news articles that interest you. Using i-Emote's YouTube Search you just enter a search topic and you get back a list of all the videos on YouTube that meet your search topic. You can play the videos in the list and if a video interests you you can select it to comment on and the video will be captured as part of your comment.

i-Emote makes is just as easy to find and read the news articles that interest you. Using i-Emote's RSS/ATOM Aggigator you can read and select articles that are provided via RSS syndication from a list of RSS news feeds that i-Emote's members have contributed. If your favorite RSS news feed isn't already listed i-Emote makes it easy for you to add it. Once you find an article that interests you you can select an article from the list to comment on and the article will be captured as part of your comment.

Your comments aren't limited to videos and news articles. You can create your own subjects with comments and share those with the rest of the i-Emote community as well.

Let's see how this all works...

Here is an image of your Home page. Your Home page contains everything you've commented on. It is empty now but it will get filled up quickly as you create your comments.

We'll pretend that your favorite recording artist is Cat Stevens and you enjoy watching his videos on YouTube. Below is an image of i-Emote's YouTube Search. We'll enter 'cat stevens' and click the 'Search' button.

When we clicked the 'Search' button we got back a list of videos on YouTube that match our search term including thumbnail images, descriptions and video durations.

We really like the song Wild World. When we click it's thumbnail image i-Emote displays a YouTube video player and when we click the player we can watch the video right here in i-Emote.

We want to comment on this video and generate responses to our comment from i-Emote's community. i-Emote makes commenting on videos simple. All we have to do is to click the 'Select' button.

When we select the video i-Emote takes us to our Home page. As you can see, i-Emote used the title of the video for the subject of our comment but we are free to change the subject to anything that we want.

Let's add our comment now. What do we want to say? Hmmm... Oh, I remember! I saw him perform this song in concert... When we're finished entering our comment we just have to click the 'say it' button to post it.

Now that we've posted our comment i-Emote has added it to our Home page.

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As you can see, the video is even playable from our home page. Also, our user name (yada), the video title, the date and time we added our comment as well as a counter of any replies we have received on our comment has been added.

Our comment is now available to all i-Emote members to view. They can read our comment and even watch the video that we've included. Member tomboy is viewing i-Emote Find Subjects page which lists all the subjects that i-Emote members have created for their comments. He notices that there is one for Cat Stevens Wild World.

tomboy also notices that there's a video associated with it and clicks the video's thumbnail image to open the video player and plays it. tomboy then clicks the subject's link which will take him to i-Emote's Subjects page which shows all the comments contributed on this subject by other i-Emote members.

In the Subjects page tomboy spots the comment that we made and reads it. tomboy also plays the video we included. tomboy decides to reply to our comment so tomboy clicks the comment's 'Reply' button which open's i-Emote's reply editor and adds a comment. tomboy them clicks the editor's 'reply' button to post the reply to our comment.

Later when we return to our Home page we notice that a member has left a reply to our comment. We can tell because the reply counter for our comment shows that we have one reply. i-Emote also displays counts for all the replies we receive to all our comments in its right side bar. When we click our comment's reply counter i-Emote takes us to the Replies page where we can view the replies we received to our comments. We can toggle between viewing all the replies we have received and only those replies we have received which we haven't replied back to by clicking either the 'All' or 'Unresponded' buttons located at the top right of the page.

In the Replies page we read tomboy's reply to our comment which includes our original comment. We can chose to reply to tomboy's comment by clicking on the 'Reply' button which opens the reply editor.

As you have seen in this tour, i-Emote makes it fun and very easy to create comments that include resource like YouTube videos and to engage with other i-Emote members who reply to our comments.

And i-Emote makes it just as much fun and just as easy to base our comments and interactions with other i-Emote members on news articles syndicated via RSS news feeds.

In the future we are planning on supporting other types of member contributed resources. i-Emote will support resources based on images uploaded by its members as well as resources based on any public web page reachable through an ordinary URL.

As our membership grows the number of resources contributed by our members will greatly increase. As the number of resources increase so will opportunities for interaction between members. And after all, that is really what i-Emote is all about.

Your feedback is greatly needed and you can use the features found on the Suggestions page to let us know what's on your mind.

Your feedback will help shape the future of i-Emote.

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